717 is a day-cruiser type of motoryacht, with a length of 17 meters.
The 717 can be immediately recognised from her appealing lines. Her shapes are inspired by the Lamborghini sports cars and by the surfaces of the famous F-117 Stealthairplane, which represented the excellence of the invisible aircraft with its faceted surfaces and its distinctive large side air intakes.
The Stealth theme is also present in the colours chosen for the hull and the glazing, the former is shiny black for the hull and orange for the latter, resembling thecolor often used on the windshield of certain military vehicles.

A very distinguishing trait of the yacht is her stern, which ends in a very sharp and geometric shape, embedding two small taillights

that wink at the automotive world.
One of the key features of the 717 is the split windshield, which strongly recalls the dual command post of the Off-Shore powerboats, the quintessential sea-racer. At the center of the two windows, a staircase allows for an easy access to the bow area.

The design of the bow upper deck is the result of a well-thought intersection of lines that, escaping from the windshields run towards the bow, creating two facets on the side that resemble air inlets but are actually side light for the below deck area.
The boat has a large outdoor living area, with different layout options depending on the preferences of the ship-owner. The boat was initially conceived without a Hard-Top, but with a soft top to be mounted when needed. However, it has lately been designed a version that includes a Hard-Top which perfectly fits in the lines of the 717.


The 717 is available in a wide range of colour options. Few examples are: silver glazing on silver hull, dark glazing on blue ice hull, gold glazing on blue-gray hull and more sporty version recalling racing sports cars.


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