Founded in 1954 in the Ligurian Gulf of Tigullio, OTAM - Organizzazione Tigullio Assistenza Motoscafi - was one of the first shipyards in Liguria. The yard is active in three production segments: the historic OTAM range, chase boat production, and since 2014 by the OTAM Custom Range with aluminum yachts from 35 to 40 meters in length. The present OTAM range is the result of 60 years of power boating experience, and currently includes seven models divided into two product segments, medium size and large size. The OTAM 45’, the 58' Open or HT and the 65' HT comprise the medium size segment; the 80' HT, the new 85’ GTS, the OTAM 100 and the OTAM 120’ the large segment. Genoa based OTAM will present the 120’ in the near future, as another addition to the iconic OTAM gamma.

OTAM is based in Genoa- Sestri Ponente with over 17,000 square meters of facilities, direct access to the sea, 35 floating berths and a travel-lift that can handle up to 180 tons. The legendary OTAM Dock in Santa Margherita Ligure (near Portofino) has 70 berths and offers complete assistance. OTAM has approximately 50 employees. All OTAM production is in-house and most employees have been working with the yard for decades.


Over 60 years of expertise in speed: Hulls made by OTAM are built using a mix of Aramat and vinyl ester resin, designed to guarantee total safety and high comfort even at high speeds in rough seas. With a dead-rise of more than 21°, an OTAM hull gives a smooth and fluid ride through the waves. Full safety is assured even while cruising at 40 knots with a sea at force 3 to 4. Outstanding performance, a top speed between 50 and 58 knots (depending on the model), and extreme ease of maneuver are all obtained by careful attention to the power/weight ratio. This results in a perfect synergy between hull design, Arneson surface drive propellers and weight distribution, with superior overall handling when compared to any other yacht with the same specs. What is the most important advantage of an OTAM? Efficiency! At a cruising speed of 40 knots (apx 1,600 rpm), an OTAM yacht needs no more than 10 liters of fuel per nautical mile, therefore guaranteeing better consumptions and less commuting time while cruising. This uniqueness puts also OTAM at the forefront in the new sector of luxury chase boats and mega-tenders, a market niche of increasing interest to OTAM as it regards high performance, quality and dependability.

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